Point Reyes Music Center

Marin County, CA

  • Have you said to yourself, "I wish I could just play ... Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, Drums, African-style hand-drums, Cello or other bowed strings, or even Sax or Clarinet"?

  • Are you a woman or a girl who wants to study music with a highly-trained woman musician who understands all the ways we can feel both tentative and courageous with our creative expression?

  • Have you wanted to play in a music group?

  • Have you thought, "I would like to know how to write a good song, and even sing it while playing guitar or piano"?

Everyone is born with a sense of music. With a bit of coaching, it only takes 20-30 minutes a day to progress steadily on an instrument.

When you take that first step into the world of music, it can become your forever friend and companion no matter what is happening around you.

When you call and talk with Joyce Kouffman, she will listen and guide your studies in a special way.