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NEW! "Music Visits" subscription series! Have you ever wished for more peace and tranquility in your daily life? Many people have found that even a few moments of listening to, or making musical sounds themselves, can provide an instantaneous feeling of well-being and aliveness. Whether you already sing, dance, write, play an instrument or simply love music, let's have a conversation about creating a series of "Music Visits," either online or by phone.

This series is custom-designed for everyone, from those who wish to offer philanthropic levels of monthly support to those who wish to subscribe at a "monthly movie" level of $10 or $20.

More info on our "Music Visits" page.

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"Our mission is to provide world-class music education and also to invite appreciation of the complex intricacies of the music-making process. This, in turn, builds self-esteem followed by willingness to take artistic risks - with spirit and from the heart."

  • - Joyce Kouffman, Music Educator & Coach

2021-2022 Online Private Lessons! All ages and levels!

Piano, Guitar, Cello, Hand Percussion, Drum set, Music Theory and Composition, Ear Training, and Improvisation.



Drumming Along with Motown: A drum sticking class for novices & experienced musicians.

  • A weekly series of online skill-building PLUS private coaching sessions that address your personal music skill level!

Please CALL 415-663-9176 for more information about scheduling and fees.

JoyceJazz & Eric Vaughn - SD 480p.mov

Rehearsing with Piano Great Eric Vaughn - Exchanging 4's between piano and drums (Vocalist Rick Gordon listens) (Mac computers with Safari, please click small icon in upper right corner to play video. Enjoy 60 seconds of jazz!)

To listen to Dog Love, please click the photo. (Audio clips from additional recordings are under construction.)